(Taken from THE COURIER, official messenger of Anthony Wayne Area Council – page 6 – Edited for length.)

Since Scouting’s inception, having the highest quality of volunteers as role models and mentors for youth has been of utmost importance. Our highest priority continues to be the safety of youth members and participants. We continue to seek and implement improvement to our youth protection guidelines and procedures. We are happy to report that new information technologies are now available to conduct accurate, reliable criminal history record checks on volunteer applicants. These checks are based on the applicant’s Social Security Number. This important development offers a practical way to limit the possibility to individuals with a history of criminal acts against children being granted positions with the BSA. When used in conjunction with both youth protection strategies, criminal history checks are a valuable tool that discourage ineligible volunteers from seeking positions with the BSA and help to identify and screen out those who do apply. The process will begin on April 1, 2003 and will supplement the current application process, which includes reference checks, and the ineligible volunteer screening process. This new process will be conducted for all new adult volunteers in the traditional Scouting program. If a registration form is completed, the council will perform a background check.

A new adult volunteer application will clearly advise applicants that a criminal background screening will be conducted, required written consent to conduct the background check, certifies permission to use resulting information and required a Social Security Number. When the new application form becomes available in early 2003, all older forms must be disposed of. Beginning on April 1, 2003, the old adult volunteer application forms will not be accepted.



People are often concerned about being sued for reporting child abuse, however, it is important to know that if you suspect child abuse YOU ARE REQUIRED BY LAW to report the suspected abuse to the proper authorities. These authorities vary from state to state. For information on who to report abuse to in the state of Indiana see Chris Mathes, Scout Executive. In addition to the local authorities, you are required to report any abuse associated with a Scouting function or any abuse outside a Scouting function involving a registered Scouter to the Scout Executive, Chris Mathes.

Chris Mathes, Scout Executive AWAC, BSA



Friday, January 24, Saturday, January 25, and Sunday, January 26, 2002 are Klondike Derby days with check-in occurring on Friday and the derby beginning on Saturday at 7:30am. The awards ceremony will be held at the closing campfire on Saturday night. ONLY those that stay for the whole weekend will receive the shadow patch; all others will receive just the Klondike Derby Patch. More information will be published later. Akela Day activities will begin at 9am on Saturday. Learn more at the January Roundtables. Registration forms are available at the AWAC Volunteer Training & Resource Center.

NOTICE: I will no longer lend support or assistance to Portage Creek Camp Association or the units they sponsor. This is in effect until further notice. I will continue to lend support and assistance to all other Scout units in the Waynedale area. – Ray McCune

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