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How to find what you want on the Internet.

You’re online and you’ve checked your e-mail but now you would like to know something about… Well… Something… You have an idea, and you would like to know more about it. So you look to the Internet. Why? Well everyone else says it’s on the internet, why not this?

What am I talking about? Searching the Internet for something you want to know about. I view searching the Internet for something as easy as walking into a library without a card catalog or a computer to find the book. Would you be lost? Yes. What if you knew the dewey decimal system. Well you would have a fighting chance.

First, searching the Internet is not like searching the library for a book. For one, a library is structured and organized in a way so that you can find something on the shelf, and if it is not there, then they can tell you where to find another one or when it is due back. Also library is maintained by people that organize information with a card catalog system or a computerized database system to track books that are in the library.

The Internet is a giant collection of materials, books, news, information, editorials, poems, and literature that spans the world in every language. It’s stacked in tiny piles of data, all without titles or book covers to tell what is in the stack of data.

To search the Internet, you must search by content and not titles. The saying is true that “you cannot judge a book by it’s cover.”

It will also take many trys to find what you want. And many different search engines. Places like AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google, Excite, Lycos, Ask-Jeeves are all different search engines and each will return a different set of search results.

Personally I use Sherlock® that comes with Mac OS X which will search many of these sites at the same time without searching from each website. Powerful searching isn’t always the search engine, it’s the person who is using it.

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