Watching Miracle on 34th Street over Thanksgiving weekend made me wonder if mailing a letter to Santa is still a popular thing for kids to do. And does the post office still send them to Santa at the north pole?

Santa now has expanded his shopping to the Internet? Santa can find the perfect gift, purchase and deliver it right to a child’s Christmas tree, gift-wrapped and all.

A couple of places online that Santa likes to shop are popular places that you have heard of, such as Wal-Mart.com jcpenny.com and just about any store you’ve been to. These are great because if the person doesn’t like it they can return it to the store.

A blind search online can sometimes show you an unpopular website that may have a great price, but, whether they have it in stock is another question. Another important thing to check for is ‘new’ versus ‘used’ merchandise. If you purchase items online with a credit card make sure the website is protected and carefully read their privacy policy. (I know it looks long and boring but they are also very different from each other). Some credit card companies have a protection plan from fraud on Internet purchases. Make sure you use that one. Santa always has a special credit card for online purchases with a very limited limit and special instructions for shipping.

A great way to save money and purchase everything you can imagine is from Amazon.com or even ebay.com. These websites have many hard to find items and are great but can be limited on their return policy.

Sometimes when you are shopping in a store someone may come up and ask if they can help you. This can happen online too. Some websites are offering ‘live’ help online so they can help you with the decision and purchasing information.

For the person that is very hard to shop for it is sometimes a good idea to search for items they already have (and like) and look for items that are suggested by the website. For instance, you might find someone with an x-box where you can find items to add on to their x-box system.

A small piece of advise to someone that has never shopped online before. If you are not sure what to do, it’s a good idea to call their customer service line and have them help you with the purchase over the phone.

If you’re not sure which model or item you want to purchase many online sights have a “Compare” button to compare the two items. This will show you each product with a feature-to-feature comparison.

Mysimon.com and cnet.com will actually let you read reviews of many tech gadgets that are great for an outside opinion.

Happy Shopping Online!

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