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(North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association Conference July 15 – 21, 2002 will be held in Columbus, Indiana – they need your support – see FUNDRAISER – Community Calendar)

In the September 1980 issue of “Audubon,” the magazine of the National Audubon Society, T.H. Watkins wrote about the nation’s conservation officers. He compared them to the North West Mounted Police, the “thin red line” of officers who patrolled the Canadian frontier. What follows is an excerpt that describes today’s conservation officers.

“Today there is a line at work in the wild – a “thin green line” of khaki-clad men and women who are only slightly less isolated, understaffed, and underpaid, and whose job is only slightly less overwhelming. They are called conservation officers, wildlife managers, and resource officers, among other things. Their job includes enforcing hunting and fishing regulations, monitoring animal populations, regulating the importation of exotic species, protecting endangered species, restocking game ranges and wild fisheries, writing pollution citations, and overseeing those who for reasons known only to God and themselves wish to keep wild creatures in captivity. For all the variety of their designations, specialties, or jobs, there is one generic term, which covers them all: “game wardens.”

The Indiana Conservation Officers Organization (ICOO) is a member organization of the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association (NAWEOA), which comprises field Conservation Officers employed by the Law Enforcement Division of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The ICOO was established in 1972 as a voice for active and retired Indiana Conservation Officers. The ICOO strives to keep the public informed on matters concerning Conservation Officers, the wise use of Indiana’s natural resources, outdoor recreation opportunities and conservation law enforcement.

More than 100 years of wildlife and natural resources protection have been provided by the veteran Game Wardens of yesteryear and the Conservation Officers of today. While their duties have expanded considerably in the past century, their commitment to protecting the environment for future generations is as high as ever. Hosting NAWEOA 2002 will be an outstanding way of honoring that dedicated commitment.

Hosting the NAWEOA Conference will be the largest venture ever undertaken by the ICOO. The successful bid to host the 2002 Conference of the NAWEOA was fully sanctioned by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Officers from across the United States and Canada will attend this business/educational meeting. They will come to learn the latest means and methods in wildlife law enforcement, to share answers and ideas on the common and unique problems faced by wildlife enforcement officers across North America, and to share in the opportunity for fellowship with other Conservation Officers and their families. Many of these officers are sponsored in some way by their departments, but many come at their own expense, bringing families and spending precious vacation time to attend this educational event.

For this reason, the ICOO and the IDNR hope to show all attendees some genuine “HOOSIER HOSPITALITY” by keeping the costs to them low and providing as many complimentary goods, services, and events to them as possible, plus raising money for NAWEOA’s operating costs, programs, and projects. Historically, the NAWEOA Conferences in the Midwest have been attended by approximately 450 to 500 officers and their families – up to a total of 1,200 persons. We believe we can expect similar attendance in Indiana. Conference dates have been set for July 15 – 21 in Columbus, Indiana.

Please support Indiana Conservation Officers continued commitment to their profession and the protection of our natural resources by supporting the 2002 Conference of the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association.

General Sponsorship Benefits – We appreciate your support at any level. General sponsors of $1,000 or more will receive: Free exhibit space at the conference, a plaque, a subscription to International Game Warden magazine, a subscription to Conservation Afield magazine, a collectible framed print, a silver ICO belt buckle, and a NAWEOA pin.

Event Sponsorship Benefits – Corporations or organizations that sponsor special events make a significant impact on the success of the conference and enjoy high visibility with officers from across North America. In addition to the sponsorship benefits listed above, all event sponsors receive: special recognition at the opening ceremonies or awards banquet, your company banner displayed at your events, the opportunity to include a promotional publication or item in the registration packet, and a prominent ad in the conference program.

Sponsorships range in amounts from $1,000 (for the above), to $15,000 (for Spousal or Youth Activities, for Training Speakers, and for Conference Transportation) to $20,000 (for Officer or Spousal Luncheons), to $25,000 (for Opening Ceremonies), to $30,000 (for Warden Skill Games & Barbecue). All SPONSORSHIPS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE under Sec. 501 (c)(3) US Tax Code.

For more information phone 260-426-0807 or e-mail Scott at scott_charters@hotmail.com. Visit them on the internet: www.icoo.com. For other donations, make checks payable to: ICOO/NAWEOA 2002 and mail them to Scott Charters, fund Raising Chair, District 2 Headquarters, 1903 St. Mary’s Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana 468089.

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