SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I?? – Homeowner Rx

The other day an older lady and her husband approached me about a household project they were about to undertake. As I started through my checklist on how to paint a bathroom, I quickly discovered that it was total uncharted waters for both of them.

I am frequently amazed by the projects that my customers

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TO MELT OR NOT TO MELT! – Homeowner Rx

This winter a big question coming in our front door has been, should I use ice melt or not use ice melt? Just what should you do? What kind of ice melter is safe for you, your pets, your grass and your concrete? Well, let’s find out!

Ice melter comes in many different strengths, with many different

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Last month, two big things that we were asked for in the hardware store were furnace filters and nut gathers. This time of year everybody needs a new furnace filter. And what was up with all the walnuts?

40 years ago, when I started in dad’s hardware store, there was one type

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It seemed like the beautiful weather of late summer/early fall was going to stay with us forever. But as usual, here comes the cool weather, and with that is that danged ‘ole list of things that you have to do to your home to get ready for Old Man Winter.

Gutters – Last week, on one of those warm

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As your lawn slowly starts giving you a break from the need to be mowed every time you turn around, don’t forget that now is actually the best time to spruce up your lawn for next year.

There is plenty of time to thicken up your yard for next year with a little grass seed

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NEW ITEM ALERT!! – Homeowner Rx

Home Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras

Have you seen the reports on the evening news where someone had a video camera mounted on their front porch and it caught someone sneaking up and taking a UPS package? Or a video camera that catches someone walking up to a back door of a home in the middle of

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AUGUST ALERT! ANTS!! – Homeowner Rx

How did all those ants get in my kitchen?

That seems to be the most asked bug question that we get in our hardware stores!

The small ants that invade your house are generally there for 1 thing, food. They’re headed to the pantry, kitchen counter, candy drawer, dog food and even after the late night

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WHAT’S THAT NOISE? – Homeowner Rx

“Honey! There is a funny noise coming from the bathroom!” Ever walk by your bathroom and hear something that sounds like water running? Then you begrudgingly walk in and suddenly the sound disappears. Hmmm. Floor is dry. Faucet isn’t dripping. Hmmm. Then out of the blue an hour later, you hear

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IT’S GRILLIN’ TIME – Homeowner Rx

So the first official outdoor grilling weekend has passed. So how did you and your gas grill do?

Flame a little uneven? Igniter not igniting? Nasty flare-up? So if you didn’t do it earlier, now is the time to get that gas grill tuned up for the rest of the grilling season. So let’s get started!


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IT’S TIME TO PAINT – Homeowner Rx

So we’ve been talking about your weeds and grass the last few months, so now it’s time to look up!

Let’s look at your house, and more specifically, at the paint. Starting to blister a little bit? Wife wants the front door color changed to something she saw on the House Beautiful cable TV show?

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GRASSOLOGY – Homeowner Rx

Last month we talked about the bad green stuff in your yard, weeds! This month let’s talk about the good green stuff in your yard, the grass!

By now you’re starting to get an idea on how your yard is going to come out of its winter dormancy. Depending on the amount of rain, sun and the temperature

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Here they come! You know you’re gonna have some! But how many? And when?

It’s lawn weed time again and what can you do to win the battle this year?

In the Fort Wayne area the most prevalent lawn weeds seem to be dandelions and crabgrass.

When fighting dandelions and other such broadleaf weeds, preventing

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