You made it! You made it once again to the end of the holiday season. So now what? How about just hunker down in your Lazyboy with a good book and wait until spring? Well just wait a minute. I have a few suggestions! Get out your pencil – take notes! It’s January job jar list time! I bet there are a few here that you didn’t think of!

Winter has finally arrived. Did you get all your window plastic put up? It’s a fact that just one leaky window can add as much as $20 to your heating bill! If you haven’t started, or if you haven’t finished, get to it! $20 bucks times 2 or 3 can add up quick!

Watch for roof & gutter ice dams. Once we finally get some measurable snowfall, don’t forget to look up! Snow buildup in your gutters can cause some nasty roof damage. It’s not easy to get rid of it once it’s there, but it can be prevented. It’s called a roof deicer system. It’s kind of like the heat tape that you wrap around your water pipes to keep them from freezing. But you put it on your roof or in your gutters and downspouts and they will never freeze.

January job jar list item #3. Bathroom sink and shower drain running a little slow? Lots of times it’s just hair buildup. There is a simple product that can help, and doesn’t use any chemical drain cleaner. It’s called a hair snare. Stick it down the drain, it snags all that hair, and you just pull it out. In just a few seconds you can clear that drain.

It’s a good time to take pictures of the inside & outside of your house for insurance reasons. Take pictures of everything and anything. It will help, big time, if you have a major loss. Showing your insurance company pictures of what was lost makes it much easier to place the proper claim.
Everybody knows that you should change your furnace filter every season, but have you changed your water filter lately? Many homes and many refrigerators have water filters. Don’t forget ‘em!

Clean the blades of your ceiling fans. I dare you to do it before you know who tells you that it needs done.

Smoke alarm batteries. Here’s an idea, change the battery before it starts chirping for a few days and you can’t figure out what’s making that noise! Once a year should be just fine.

Check your fire extinguishers. Is the little arrow still in the green?

Hopefully by giving you a little heads up on a few job jar things that might need done, you’ve saved a little time. Now you can hunker down in your Lazyboy!

I hope everybody has a safe and prosperous New Year!

Dave is the owner of Umber’s Do it Best, which has been a family owned and operated since 1944. Whatever your project needs are, we can help. Stop in today at 2413 Lwr. Huntington Rd. Ft. Wayne, In 46809. Call (260) 747-3866.