GET READY FOR FALL! – Homeowner Rx

The other morning I was having a cup of coffee on my front porch, and I noticed it….Yea, the leaves on my locust trees were about gone. And you know what that means, fall is right around the corner!

While it’s not time to start putting those plastic sheets up on the ‘ole windows yet, it is time to put your fall job list together.

Here are a few reminders to get you thinking.

Before the leaves fall off of your shrubs and trees, spot the dead branches and go ahead and get them removed. There’s plenty of time later to do some general fall pruning, but why not go ahead and remove the dead branches while you can still tell the difference. I have a few hedges that grow like crazy so I have to prune them at least twice a year. Generally most hedge growth is done by September 1st, so get it on your list.

Last weekend I went ahead and edged my driveway and sidewalks. The rainy weather really seemed to make the grass creep over the concrete and getting it done this fall will help save some time in the spring. I also keep an extra set of mower blades sharpened, and ready. They always go on the 1st week of September. I figure the grass needs all the help it can get going into winter. Take a good look at your mowing job from last week. Grass tips look a little shredded? Sharpen your blade!

You’ve been looking at that dirt, mold, and mildew that has been collecting on the south side of your house. Just go ahead and get the power washer out and get it off of there! Any chipping paint to scrape and redo? Do it now! And if you read my article very often you’ll know what I think about yard care in the fall. This is the best time of the year to fertilize, kill weeds, and even plant grass seed if you can get it going before all the leaves hit the ground.

Every fall change your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries. And if you have central heat & air, now is that time for your final filter change of the year. Do you need to put window plastic up? How about the switch and outlet plate insulators for your outside walls? That, and your leaky windows might be the reason your feet were cold last winter. I even had a customer come in and was getting ready for his fall garage cleanup project. He said he wanted to get all the clutter off the floor and make more room before his vehicles were inside all the time once the snow flies.  

And we have already had dozens of snow blowers brought in for their annual tune-up. Bring yours in to your local hardware store and have it gone over to be ready for that 1st big blast of winter that always seems to sneak up on everybody.

Wait a minute…. Snow? I was just setting out on my front porch with a cup of coffee and looking at my locust trees! Don’t worry, there’s still time. But start that list, and as the weather starts to break, why not go ahead and get started. And you know where to go if you need a little help!

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