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SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I?? – Homeowner Rx

The other day an older lady and her husband approached me about a household project they were about to undertake. As I started through my checklist on how to paint a bathroom, I quickly discovered that it was total uncharted waters for both of them.

I am frequently amazed by the projects that my customers tackle. Some because I am so darned impressed with the plan that their mind has put together. And some because I’m a little afraid about the outcome of their mission. Some people just don’t seem to understand that oil and water just don’t mix!

With the advent of all these home improvement shows and YouTube videos, more and more people have been tackling their own small to intermediate sized home improvement projects. New homeowners especially seem willing to change that light switch, replace that faucet or refinish a piece of furniture. The feeling of accomplishment from completing a new home improvement project is hard to beat!

But it’s like the couple wanting to paint their bathroom. Think it out a little bit before you dig in. If you’re not use to working on a ladder, dealing with electricity, or handling power tools, be careful. Your project may seem simple by watching that Saturday morning home improvement show. But, if you’ve never done it before, or if that video missed a couple important steps, what seemed as a 15 minute fix could easily turn into something much more time consuming, or more costly.

My energetic bathroom painters had wallpaper to take off, there were a few nail holes, they weren’t sure about color, and didn’t know what painting tools they had at home. And then I found out that even though they were a number of years older than me, neither had held a paint roller in their hand before!

Before you start a new home improvement project make sure you think of the risks you are taking and just what all will this project take to complete properly? Do you have the time to complete it if a few things go wrong? Is there a buddy available with a little more knowledge that you could ask if you do need a bit of help? And what about a professional? We have phone numbers of many good trained professionals posted in our store. Sometimes it just might be worth making that phone call and spending a little bit of money to make sure that project gets done the right way.

All that being said, February is a great time to knock off a few more indoor home improvement projects before spring hits. Do your research ahead of time. Maybe watch the shows and the videos, but also don’t forget to stop in your local hardware store and get suggestions! You can do it! Go for it!

And, oh ya, the outcome with the couple wanting to paint? I sent them home with some wallpaper stripper, a spray bottle, and a wide putty knife to tackle the wallpaper. That’s a good start. They should be back next week and we’ll see if they are ready to tackle a paint roller!

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