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Spring Has Arrived!

Your calendar says spring is here. The robins and the 1st plants of spring say that spring is here. And finally, our average highs for the day seem to say that spring is here. So, Mother Nature is ready…are you?

In the hardware business, our spring prep consists of bringing in our truckloads of mulch, top soil, decorative rock and all those bags of Scotts fertilizer. Replacing burnt out light bulbs, getting the tile floor waxed, and gussying up the outside. That’s what we do. What’s the spring regimen at your house?

Early spring seems to be when I’m the most eager to get to the outdoor chores at home. I’ve been cooped up way to long and can’t wait for more days like we are having now to dig in to the outside. Here’s a checklist of a few things that you might want to make sure that you get done before the sounds of the lawn mowers fill your neighborhood.

  1. Clean up the debris from last year’s perennials and ornamental grasses.
  2. Clean out the bird feeders and bird houses.
  3. Get that lawn mower tuned up!
  4. Spring cleaning of the garage so you can get to the lawn mower!
  5. Window screens and exterior windows cleaned.
  6. Get your gutters ready for spring rains.
  7. The fun game of “pick up sticks” in the yard.
  8. And one of my personal favorites…find out where in the heck my gas grill cover went!

Also, at the hardware store we use the time before spring fully strikes to think through the whole upcoming year. Not just to plan for the normal seasonal projects that have to be done, but we try to think outside the box. What new products should we put in for our customers? What new way can we advertise? What major outdoor or indoor building improvements could be done?

My challenge to you is to do the same thing for your house and yard. Put something new on your “to do” list. Maybe this is the year to:

  1. Finally give that front yard a boost with some new grass seed.
  2. Fix those cracks in the driveway or loose boards on the deck.
  3. Plant some trees or shrubs.
  4. How about actually fertilizing and start attacking all those weeds in your yard. Not just talking about it!
  5. Been awhile since you painted inside or outside your house? Go for it!

It always seems to me that the doldrums of summer set in before I get all my spring projects done. The further into summer I get the less enthusiasm I seem to have these days. So my mission this spring is to get to it early and often..how about you?

Dave Umber
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Dave Umber

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