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Library’s Reading Service Wins Two Awards

The Allen County Public Library’s Audio Reading Service (ARS) hosted its annual Volunteer Luncheon at the Mirro Center for Research. The annual luncheon celebrated the volunteers who read local newspapers and magazines as part of ARS’s services for people who are vision-impaired or otherwise have trouble reading print. Each month, ARS airs more than 300 shows which listeners can access via radio, TV, podcasting apps, and streaming online. More than 100 volunteer readers provide 450 hours of reading each month to support ARS’s mission.

In recognition of this work, the International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) honored the team with two awards at its annual conference June 12-14. Member services from around the country participated in this event. ARS was recognized for the following:

  • In the Magazines category, the award went to “Able Living,” a program that focuses on news and culture in the disability community. The sound technician for this program was Mark Lahey, and it was read by Kevin Morse. It was produced by Georgean Johnson-Coffey.
  • The second award was in the Now Hear This category, specifically for programming under a minute. The winning entry was the “Grocery Ads Promo,” read by Philip Fretz.

The program awards were created to promote quality programming among audio information services and to showcase the variety of programs available on audio information services.

Outgoing IAAIS President Maryfrances Evans said, “We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such talented volunteers and dedicated staff to bring the printed word to life to thousands of print-disabled people throughout America. These awards highlight some of the extraordinary programs reading services around the country are producing.”

At the Volunteer Luncheon, State Representative Phil GiaQuinta bestowed the Circle of Corydon honor on ARS Manager Georgean Johnson-Coffey for her “remarkable contributions to the betterment of Indiana and its people”. This award identifies Johnson-Coffey as someone who has “demonstrated, in life and in service to the people of the state of Indiana, the qualities exemplified by our state’s greatest citizens.”

“Georgean Johnson-Coffey’s work to ensure that all residents of Allen County and beyond are able to access the news is critical to the health of our community and civic life,” House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) said. “Everyone deserves to know what decisions are being made by our government or what new community amenities are coming to Fort Wayne, and Georgean’s coordination of Allen County Public Library’s Audio Reading Service makes good on that ideal. Thank you, Georgean, for your immense contributions to our community. I am honored to celebrate you with the Circle of Corydon Award in recognition of your service.”

For more information about the ACPL’s Audio Reading Service (ARS), please visit acpl.info/audio-reading-service.

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