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In Indiana, Mother’s Day marks not just a celebration of moms but also the go-to date for starting a garden.

For the past two years, the “Take Some, Leave Some Free Produce” stand aimed to connect gardeners with surplus produce to community members eager for fresh, local food at no cost. The stand has quickly gained traction, drawing over 30 daily visitors. Its popularity lasts throughout the fall until the end of the growing season.

This year, the stand will return on Saturday, May 11.

Alex Cornwell, Publisher of The Waynedale News, describes his passion for this project, “There’s a special magic in nurturing your own fresh, nutritious food. Nothing matches the flavor of that first tomato harvested from your garden, unlike those that ripen on their journey from distant places. Anyone can learn to garden with just a bit of soil, water, and sunlight.” He continues, “Often, gardeners end up with more plants than they can use. This year, we decided to again start our initiative early to foster a community exchange of plant starts and enhance local food production.”

Participants are encouraged to label their seedlings clearly and ensure the soil is well-watered before drop-off. The stand is a resource for residents new to gardening, those experimenting with new produce, or anyone on a tight gardening budget.

The plant & produce stand will remain available throughout the season for those with produce to share.

As a free publication, The Waynedale News commits to removing financial barriers to news, entertainment, and community resource information. It proudly supports the distribution of free, wholesome, locally grown produce.

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