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Mayor Tom Henry’s Legacy Remembered

The city of Fort Wayne and the state at large have been engulfed in mourning following the peaceful passing of Mayor Tom Henry on March 28, 2024, after a medical emergency related to his battle with cancer. Mayor Henry’s unwavering commitment to Fort Wayne’s prosperity has been widely acknowledged in the wake of his death, with numerous individuals and organizations expressing their deep sorrow and respect for the contributions he made during his tenure.

Mayor Henry sought medical attention following an emergency on March 27 and, after thorough consultations with his medical team, chose comfort measures over surgical options. Surrounded by his loved ones, his passing was marked by the dignity and grace that characterized his life and service. The community was invited to pay their respects at a viewing held in the Allen County Courthouse’s rotunda on Wednesday, April 10, and Thursday, April 11, where the family received guests. A funeral Mass was scheduled to be held on Friday, April 12, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, preceded by a final viewing of the late Mayor beginning at 9:00 a.m., with the Mass following at 10:00 a.m..

Tributes from notable figures, such as House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta, have poured in, highlighting Mayor Henry’s extraordinary contributions to Fort Wayne’s development and his courageous leadership through personal and community challenges. GiaQuinta emphasized Henry’s passion for the city and its people, underscoring the enduring legacy of his leadership.

Governor Eric J. Holcomb also shared his condolences, reflecting on Mayor Henry’s positive influence and the mutual respect that flourished between them. Holcomb’s tribute pointed to Henry’s dedication and his vision for Fort Wayne, which inspired many far beyond the city’s confines.

The Allen County Commissioners shared their memories of working alongside Mayor Henry, praising his genuine love for the community and his impactful, compassionate leadership. They, too, extended their sympathies to the Henry family and all those who were touched by Tom’s remarkable life and service.

Waynedale News Columnist, Lois Levihn expressed deep gratitude towards Mayor Tom Henry for his façade grant program, which notably enhanced her 1920s building to an award-worthy status. She cherished memories of Mayor Henry’s community involvement, notably his participation in a video for the 90th Macedonian Patriotic Organization Anniversary alongside Jordan Lebamoff, illustrating his dedication to Fort Wayne’s cultural heritage. Levihn also highlighted Mayor Henry’s recommendation of Cindy’s Green Frog Inn, connecting personal history with community landmarks. Recalling a personal encounter during a “meet and greet” organized by the Waynedale News, she shared a lighter moment learning about Henry’s childhood experiences at Most Precious Blood Catholic School.

These anecdotes together paint a picture of Mayor Henry’s profound impact on both the city’s infrastructure and its community spirit.

Fort Wayne commemorates the life and legacy of Mayor Tom Henry, a leader whose dedication to the city’s welfare and growth was evident in every aspect of his work. His legacy will continue to inspire and shape the community he loved so dearly. As the city reflects on his numerous contributions, it also prepares to bid him a final farewell.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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