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Today’s Batteries Pose Higher Fire Risk Than Before

The Allen County Department of Environmental Management (ACDEM) shed light on the importance of battery safety with National Battery Day. This day was celebrated annually on February 18th in honor of Alessandro Volta, who invented the battery and whose name is where the term “volt” originates. Since 1880, batteries have come a long way in their chemical make-up. On this national day, ACDEM reminded us to be aware of proper battery disposal to keep our family and community safe.

All batteries contain metals and chemicals that should be kept out of landfills, and therefore be properly recycled. Stacie Hubbert, Director of the Allen County Department of Environmental Management shared, “Household lithium-based batteries power our daily lives, but when the batteries are expired or no longer needed, they should be disposed of properly. Lithium batteries contain a higher energy making them highly flammable. Placing scotch tape over the terminals before recycling is recommended. The tape acts as a barrier, keeping the stored energy within the battery.”

Eric Lahey, Fire Chief of the Fort Wayne Fire Department shared, “Lithium batteries are now part of our daily lives. It is incumbent upon us to understand the hazards associated with the use of these batteries and how to properly dispose of them when they have exceeded their service life. ACDEM is not only a resource for information related to the proper disposal of these batteries, but they are a crucial provider in the disposal chain.”

Batteries should not be placed in the trash or curbside recycling bin. ACDEM provides drop-off locations to properly recycle household batteries at no cost for up to five pounds. For a list of locations and guidelines, visit acwastewatcher.org.

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