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Mayor Tom Henry Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Below is a statement from Mayor Tom Henry. Mayor Henry delivered the statement during a recent press briefing at his office at Citizens Square:

As most of you know, our family, friends, and community are still respectfully mourning the passing of my beloved wife, Cindy, just a month ago.

My family and I are forever grateful for the outpouring of love and affection we have received from our entire community since her passing. The respect you have shown to us in honor of Cindy will never be forgotten.

I have asked everyone, to not only thank you for the love you have conveyed to us in recent weeks, but also to unfortunately and regretfully announce that I have been recently diagnosed with late-stage stomach cancer.

My initial scans have shown that the cancer is currently spreading through my lymph nodes and other organs. Therefore, my prognosis is not exactly encouraging. I will, however, begin chemotherapy treatments.

I assure you that I have complete confidence in the team in charge of my care and in my ability to carry out my term as your mayor for as long as God sees fit.

My promise to all of you still stands – to move this city forward, together.

I also promise to make all of you aware of any ongoing health updates as often as possible.

Thank you for this opportunity to be honest with all of you. I am asking though for privacy and prayers while I navigate this difficult situation.

Your trust, understanding, and kindness continue to mean the world to myself and my family. Thank you.

The Following is from Geoff Paddock, City Councilman, Fifth District.

Recently, I spoke with Mayor Tom Henry. As you know, he was just diagnosed with cancer, and chemotherapy begins soon. As a friend of Tom and Cindy Henry for over 30 years, I am very saddened with this prognosis, but I am very encouraged after speaking with him.

Tom Henry is strong both physically and mentally. He has been through a great deal in the past year, but he is prepared to continue to lead our great city in 2024 and far beyond. When I spoke with him he was upbeat, jovial, and optimistic about the future. He is also surrounding himself with his family and close friends.

As the Councilman for the Fifth District in Fort Wayne, I want to do everything I can to continue the good relationship enjoyed by both the Mayor and the City Council. Together, we have brought our community to new heights, but most of this success is because of Tom Henry’s visionary leadership. This obviously is why he was elected to a record fifth term last November.

I promised Mayor Henry that I would do all I can to continue that strong relationship as the mayor seeks treatment for his illness. I will also urge my City Council colleagues to continue to work together to move our city forward. Now is no time to let up, and there are many more things we can accomplish together in the years ahead. I pledge to continue those efforts, and I urge my colleagues to continue this good working relationship with our outstanding mayor, Tom Henry, and I pray for his recovery.

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