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On-Demand Classes For Small Business Owners

BBB is thrilled to introduce BBB Learning, a dynamic on-demand learning platform featuring diverse offerings in leadership, finance, revenue, public speaking, diversity, and inclusion (e.g., ‘Leadership for Women in Business’), analytics, web design, technology, small business management, and human resources.

“BBB believes that organizations fostering a culture of continuous learning are better positioned for long-term success and growth,” endorsed BBB President Judy Dollison.

BBB Learning gives businesses the tools they need to advance their skills, while prioritizing ethical business practices. A cornerstone of the platform is BBB’s own custom created course, Building Trusted Businesses focusing on trust and ethics.

The course aligns with BBB’s mission to advance trust in the marketplace. Developed with subject matter experts, it incorporates real-world scenarios illustrating common ethical dilemmas and explores building trust within one’s business and community, mitigating marketplace risk, and effective business reputation management.

“We understand the challenges facing small and local businesses – and how hard it can be to find time to level up your professional development. It’s something we all want to do for ourselves and offer our employees as well. This program empowers businesses to offer enhanced learning on their own time, with topics applicable to their specific industry.”

Any business can access the platform on BBB.org/Learning and Accredited Businesses receive a significant discount on all 300+ on-the-go mobile friendly courses conveniently paired with 24/7 expert support. Business leaders can also receive continuing education credits for industry recertifications by completing select courses.

BBB Accredited Businesses also receive an exclusive free access pass to the Building Trusted Businesses course and other discounts.

The platform is powered by MindEdge—a Massachusetts based Accredited Business Better Business Bureau is a community-based resource, a trusted advisor, and a partner in business. BBB exists to advance Trust in business and believes that businesses who embrace Trust as a core principle in their organization will see that it leads to growth in employees, customers, community, and their bottom line. Through evaluation and Accreditation, education and training, and celebrating great role models, BBB builds a community of like-minded businesses and loyal customers. BBB believes in the power of trust to grow people, businesses, and communities.

Learn more at bbb.org.

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