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Santa Returns To Waynedale!

The much-anticipated arrival of Santa Claus in Waynedale and its surrounding neighborhoods is set to bring a wave of excitement and holiday cheer this Christmas Eve. On December 24th, from 1-4 pm, Santa, accompanied by Mrs. Claus and a couple of elves, will embark on a special journey through the community, riding on a beautifully decorated Christmas Trolley. This festive event is not just a mere pass-by; it symbolizes a deeper tradition of joy, hope, and the warmth of holiday spirit that resonates with both the young and the young at heart.

In what has become a cherished local tradition, the streets of Waynedale will echo with the sounds of jingling bells and Santa’s hearty laughter. The event is expected to draw hundreds of residents, just as in previous years, where families lined up along the route, eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of Old Saint Nick, and share in the communal joy.

The carefully planned route ensures that Santa’s visit reaches as many residents as possible. The journey begins in Indian Village at 1 pm, proceeding to Sand Point & Belle Vista at 1:20 pm, Old Trail at 1:35 pm, then to Southwest Waynedale at 1:50 pm. The trolley will continue to Avalon at 2:30 pm, followed by Lake Shores West & Lakewood at 2:50 pm, and concluding in Lakeshores East & Winterset at 3:15 pm. This thoughtful routing allows families to comfortably view the procession from their front windows or to step outside their homes to wave and cheer as Santa passes by. Detailed information, including a map of Santa’s route, can be accessed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/events/6987503007954071, offering residents a chance to plan their viewing.

Organizers Alex Cornwell and Camille Garrison, deeply rooted in the community, have noted that Santa’s visit is more than just an event; it stands as a beacon of hope and a reminder of fond memories that reignite the childlike wonder in everyone. The importance of keeping the community spirit alive, especially during challenging times, is at the heart of this initiative.

Bringing Santa to the neighborhoods is a significant undertaking, made possible through the generous support of sponsors like Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning and The Waynedale News. Vicky Griffin, the owner of Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning, reflects on the company’s commitment to giving back to the community that has supported them over the years. Their involvement in this event is a testament to their dedication to spreading joy and celebrating the essence of Christmas.

Participants are advised to dress appropriately for the winter weather and ensure safety at all times, especially for children. The organizers emphasize the importance of adult supervision, staying on sidewalks, and being cautious of road traffic. As the times listed for Santa’s trolley are approximate, a 15-20 minute window should be considered.

Finally, the organizers encourage the community to show appreciation for such events by supporting the sponsors and contributing to the preservation of The Waynedale News. Donations can be made at waynedalenews.com/donate, ensuring the continuation of such community-driven initiatives that bring joy and unite residents in festive celebration.

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