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FWPD Advises Holiday Safety Tips

The Fort Wayne Police Department hopes you have and enjoyable and SAFE Holiday by following tips to help as the community enters the holiday season.

From the Fraternal Order of Police. “This years Fraternal Order of Police Kops 4 Kids event was a huge success. Upwards of 69 kids went shopping with officers from all jurisdictions. Also 10 bags for Santa’s Soldiers were also filled tonight. Fort Wayne, Allen County, New Haven, PFW all came out to their favorite event of the year. So many smiles, interactions and pure joy from children, their families and of course the officers. We would like to thank Meijer on Dupont for their generosity every year to help make this event so spectacular. Thank you to all the shoppers who let us take over the store. You were so kind and thank you for your kind words for us. This is what it’s all about. Merry Christmas everyone.”

Personal Safety:

  • Situation awareness, always pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Consider shopping with others, there is safety in groups.
  • Avoid walking alone or parking in dark isolated areas.
  • Keep wallet or purse secured, close to your body.
  • Avoid carrying too many packages, keep your hands as free as possible.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash, use cards when possible.
  • Use your phones GPS and share your location with family/ friends.

Protect Your Vehicle:

  • Keep doors locked and windows up when parked.
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended.
  • Take all valuable property out of your vehicle every time you leave.
  • Install an alarm system and consider using a club (wheel lock device).
  • Park in well lit, busy areas.

Secure Your Home:

  • Lock all doors and windows and have secondary locks (window pins, deadbolts, dowels etc.).
  • Keep landscaping trimmed so you can easily see around your property.
  • Stop Mail and newspaper during extended absences.
  • Have neighbor park in driveway when on an extended absence.
  • Do not announce on social media when you will be away on vacation.
  • Catalog serial numbers on property.
  • Monitor deliveries (Amazon) and give instruction to delivery in non-visible locations.
  • Use surveillance cameras and ring doorbells to monitor your home while away.
  • Use timers, photo sensor, or motion sensors for lighting.
  • Set burglary alarm and advise the alarm company you are away and to call the police directly.
  • Keep gifts and expensive property out of plain view from the outside.
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