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Bridging Worlds: International Hispanic Heritage Concert

The Ft. Wayne based non-profit, Bridging Worlds, in partnership with the Government of Chile and the Allen County Public Library, announces its 2nd international concert featuring Chilean artist, Daniel Delgado, traveling to our city all the way from the Southern Cone of the Americas. The concert will take place at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, Sep. 24th in the beautiful Main Theatre of the Downtown Allen County Public Library. Some of NE Indiana’s finest musicians will be accompanying, including Vivianne Belanger on flute, Brian Derek on bass, Tommy Saul on piano, Jose Morales and Colin Boyd on percussion and Phil Schurger on electric guitar. An integrative arts experience, FW Dance Collective dancers will add their alchemy to the mix with interpretive dance.

Daniel Delgado is a Chilean composer and guitarist. He has been recognized as one of the principal figures in the avant-garde fusion of Latin American music. Delgado has recorded two original solo albums and more than 10 albums with the internationally renowned group, Entrama. The Midwest is excitedly awaiting Delgado’s special visit to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he will perform original music accompanied by world class local musicians including from the FW Philharmonic, with integrative dance interpretation by dancers of the FW Dance Collective. You can find Daniel Delgado’s music on YouTube.

Bridging Worlds Board Member, Maria Sutherland says, “Living in Ft. Wayne and having grown up in South America, I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative that brings forth a rich cultural exchange through diverse music from other parts of the world. This will be a lively event for the public to be captured by this unique experience right here in our city.” 

The mission of Bridging Worlds is to create and support educational programming and artistic cultural initiatives that celebrate diversity and nurture empathy. This international concert series will be soul food for Fort Wayners who enjoy travelling, eclectic musical experiences, and fresh new sounds. It also aims to build bridges and connections between local artists and artists from other cultures and countries. 

This live music experience is free and open to the public – offered as celebration of the diversity of the world and our own marvelously multicultural community!

Brought to you in partnership with the Government of Chile, Allen County Public Library, and Bridging Worlds Non-profit. If you or your company is interested in helping to learn more about or support the work of Bridging Worlds please contact Director@Bridgingworldsinc.com

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