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Shop Waynedale Wraps Up Two Weeks Of Community Games

The community-wide event, Shop Waynedale, concluded with great success on Saturday, July 22nd. Despite its name, “Shop Waynedale,” the event featured inclusive activities like a Scavenger Hunt and a Passport Stamp challenge that welcomed participation without requiring purchases. This inclusive approach allowed people of all economic backgrounds to join in, explore local businesses, and have a chance to win prizes, including the grand prize of $500.

This year, among many smaller local prizes won by participants, Melvin & Barbara Herring were the winners of the Grand Prize. “Our favorite part of the event was the scavenger hunt. It was a nice thing to do with the family on Sunday together.” Barbara continued, “We like that you get to know some new shops that I wouldn’t ordinarily go to, and some you don’t even realize are there!” The Herrings say that they have participated in every Shop Waynedale since its origination in 2020.

In addition to the games, discounts, and prize offerings, the event’s primary goal was to foster a positive buzz about the community. Shop Waynedale received extensive coverage on various media platforms, including television news stations, community calendars, newspapers, and local radio stations. Social media played a crucial role in promoting, sharing, and generating discussions about the event.

Organizers extend their heartfelt gratitude to the businesses that participated in or donated to Shop Waynedale, as well as the numerous volunteers who generously contributed their time to make the event a success. Special recognition goes to Hill’s Meat Market and Legacy Heating, Air-conditioning, and Plumbing for their invaluable support as Overall Sponsors of the event.

Supporting all sponsors and participating businesses is vital, as they play a key role in making such events possible. Finally, the organizers express immense gratitude to all the participants who made the event enjoyable and took the opportunity to explore and celebrate the vibrant community of Waynedale.

Answers to the Scavenger Hunt are:

  • Where you can always find the last train car. Willow Creek Crossing Caboose
  • This L.A.M.P. incorporates two summertime favorites at one place. Leigh Ann Marie Palmer Playground (At The Stand)
  • This house was built in 1827 and is a National Historic Landmark. Chief Richardville House
  • Pleasing Particular People. Hill’s Meat Market
  • Water + slides + swings = family fun! Waynedale Park
  • Where you can find a trail of letters. Old Trail USPS Post Office
  • A post you can still hitch up your giddy up. Horsehead post at corner of Lower Huntington/ Old Trail
  • The crowning standard of care. Kingston Residence
  • The largest water container in Waynedale. FW Water Tower (behind Quimby Village)
  • A quality service for a fair price is their legacy. Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Mom said, eat your veggies, pay $15 and grow them! Community Garden (Bluffton Rd)
  • Put your seats in the upright position for great brew. Landing Zone Coffee
  • Where to see our own Waynedale Grand Canyon. Hanson Quarry Observation Deck
  • Multicolored metal spaghetti. Colorful Tube Sculpture at McNamara Florist
  • Visiting here can be a novel experience. Waynedale Public Library
  • This place has gone to the dogs. Pawster Park (At Foster Park)
  • A loud noise to warn of a big wind. Tornado Siren (Fire Station #1)
  • Our hometown first responders. Fire Station #1 or #5
  • Pray in this little house on the prairie. Prairie Grove Chapel
  • This mother-daughter duo features Tuesday Pizza and Wednesday Wings! Morgan’s Tap & Grill
  • This big star has 12 points. GE 12 prong Starburst at Elwood Appliance
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