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Helping The Hungry & The Homeless

Helping the Hungry and the Homeless will be the theme of a free event on August 22 at Grace Episcopal Church, 10010 Aurora Place (just off Liberty Mills Road) in Fort Wayne.

Beginning at 7 p.m., Rev. Joshua Gale, executive director of Just Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network, will be speaking on homeless issues in Fort Wayne and the work Just Neighbors has done to lower the eviction rate in the city. Until recently, Fort Wayne was the 13th highest in the nation for evictions.

Following Gale’s presentation, the documentary, The Working Hungry, will be shown. This 30-minute documentary, produced by Indianapolis’ PBS station, is about the over 800,000 people in Indiana who are food insecure. A 10-minute taped interview by Access Fort Wayne of a local families’ efforts to put food on the table will precede the documentary.

Time will be allotted for questions following each presentation and entities that work with the hungry and homeless will be providing information about their organizations.

For more information, contact Grace Episcopal Church at (260) 432-9221 or gracefortwayne@gmail.com

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