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Hundreds Of Local Kids Gifted Free School Backpacks

Recently, hundreds of people converged onto the lawn of Avalon Missionary Church to pick up a free backpack filled with school supplies. 273 backpacks were given away to be exact. The event was hosted by Iglesia Avalon and their sister church Avalon Church.

In early July, leadership from Iglesia Avalon and Avalon Church in Waynedale made a goal to collect 250 backpacks full of school supplies to hand out to local students in need. Church members and local neighbors not only met that goal but surpassed it. “This is the first year that we didn’t have to go to local businesses to ask for donations. All supplies were given by the church members,” explains Alex Ortiz, Lead Pastor of Iglesia Avalon. “We see a specific need in the Spanish-speaking community to help support our children and giving them the supplies they need to start a good school year is so important, but we saw students of so many different nationalities show up today. As an immigrant who came to America in 2000, I know what it is like to start with nothing. This event is in its fifth year and started with a passion that my wife and I had for our community.”

“The mission of our churches has always been to love our neighbors, and we feel this is a very tangible way to do just that. The people of Fort Wayne, Iglesia Avalon, and Avalon Church have always been known for their generosity, and it shows in the mountain of school supplies we were able to give away on Saturday. This is what faith in action looks like.” says Lead Pastor of Avalon Church, K.Paul Maurer.

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