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For The Love Of Community ~ 91 Years In Print

On September 2nd, The Waynedale News will proudly celebrate an impressive 91 years in print! Since its modest beginnings in 1932, the newspaper has stood as a resilient community voice, advocate, and invaluable free resource for all to enjoy.

Astoundingly, the newspaper’s readership has reached an all-time high, with a remarkable 10% increase compared to recent years. The Waynedale News now resonates primarily within Waynedale, Aboite, Southtown, Downtown, and the 46807 district. While other printed publications grapple with dwindling content and readership, the dedicated team and supporters are elated to consistently deliver the latest news and entertainment from their corner of the Fort Wayne community.

“In 2009, I envisioned the newspaper not only as a platform to narrate community stories but also as a means to enhance the well-being of our residents, functioning as a community hub.” Alex Cornwell, Publisher of The Waynedale News continued, “I’m immensely proud of our staff and the supportive community members who share our passion. I’m especially gratified to collaborate with my brother, Jordan Cornwell, in what has evolved into a family-run organization. As an independent, family-friendly news outlet surrounded by a world dominated by corporate media and bias, I take profound pride in our capacity to provide the community with an uplifting local voice, untainted by the negativity and influence of larger media entities.”

Thanks to genuine community collaboration, The Waynedale News boasts 10 regular columnists who contribute captivating perspectives, experiences, and share their informative skills, enriching the community newspaper. Heartfelt appreciation is extended to the esteemed group of writers. This summer, the newspaper introduced a column by The Fort Wayne Ink Spot, a local African American newspaper, which offers even more diverse perspectives and culture within The Waynedale News’ pages.

Beyond local news and intriguing features, The Waynedale News has orchestrated, developed, and bolstered numerous free community events over the years, drawing thousands of participants each time. Yet, the contributions extend further. Pivotal roles have been played in significant improvements such as the Bluffton Road sidewalks and trails and the Waynedale Weather Siren. With support from fellow community members, the newspaper launched community enhancement groups and initiatives like The Waynedale Community Improvement Team and The Waynedale Business Chamber.

Nevertheless, even the finest ideas and intentions need proper sustenance. Thus, The Newspaper would like to take the opportunity to thank the many advertisers and sponsors who keep the lights on and the presses rolling, placing newspapers into the hands of readers. Surprisingly, this historic newspaper doesn’t receive funding from the City, grants, or similar sources. It’s through advertisements, sponsorships, and resident contributions that The Waynedale News stands as a member of the free press. Sadly, every other significant media source in the region is affiliated with a national or regional media conglomerate.

The Waynedale News team stands proud as an independent news source that can continue to tell it like it is and remain unwaveringly committed to the community and readers, edition after edition, devoid of the politics, negativity, and partiality of corporate interests.

Beyond simply reading, thousands of individuals have joined in community discussions by following The Waynedale News on Facebook.

If you appreciate the newspaper and wish to support its endeavors, please consider supporting advertisers. Liking or sharing an interesting article from the news website or social media is free and meaningful. Additionally, donations are accepted on the website, waynedalenews.com/donate, or checks can be mailed to 2505 Lower Huntington Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46809.

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