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Raising $5000 For Scholarships For Low-Income Families

Early Childhood Alliance (ECA) is participating in Give Greater Allen County on April 20th, 7 am – 7 pm. Funds raised will go to scholarships for low-income families so their children can attend ECA’s nationally-accredited learning programs. A goal of $5,000 has been set.

“Tuition for one child can cost more than a month of rent for some families. $5,000 will provide a $100 scholarship per week for a child for an entire year. This means their parents can buy a tank of gas, groceries, or make a car payment,” says Kacey Deverell, ECA Chief Center Administrator.

An average family earning a median income spends approximately 33% of their wages on childcare. If a family chooses high-quality, accredited care, they will likely end up spending 57% of their income on childcare. This is unfeasible for most low-to-moderate-income families; scholarships for these families are a necessity. ECA counts on the community to help bridge the gap.

Follow the link on April 20th to Give Greater! www.givegreaterallen.com/organizations/early-childhood-alliance

For 70 years, ECA has worked to provide early care and education services in Fort Wayne and the surrounding region. Our mission is “to build better futures for young children by promoting and providing excellence in early childhood care and education.” Today, ECA is recognized as a leader in the field of early care and education. We are proud of our heritage and continue in our leadership role with families, early childhood professionals, and communities.

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