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Joseph (Joe) Townsend (R) – 4th District City Council Candidate

Conservative for City Council!

I am excited to be running for City Council in the 4th District. I am a Christian, Conservative, Republican and in that order. I will represent those values from the City Council table. I am very passionate about my values and that is why I decided to step out in faith and take on this challenge!

In talking to many neighbors in the 4th District, I can tell you, it is clear we need representation that will focus on the area. It is an amazing area to raise a family. There are several great businesses, churches, and schools in this district. Neighborhoods will be my main focus from the get-go. Neighborhood’s need to be priority one and they are not right now. Those in the 4th District pay just as much taxes as everyone else, yet our taxpaying dollars go almost solely to downtown development. That is not right. We can have downtown development while also remembering the neighborhoods and city workers (police and fire department) who keep us safe.

I am as middle class as they come. I was raised by two nurses. I was taught the value of hard work and that ANYTHING in the United States of America is possible if you work hard and set your mind to it. Up until the beginning of 2022 I was working 2-3 jobs at a time, never making more than $20 an hour at any given job. Through working multiple jobs, I was able to save a good amount of money in the stock market and cryptocurrencies (bitcoin.) I lucked out and sold at the right time and used that money to buy my business, a hotel. As of March 20, 2022, I am the proud owner of the Best Western Luxbury Inn, on the Southwest part of Fort Wayne, by the Kroger of Coventry.

I will always fight for the taxpayers of the 4th District. I did not need to run for office as I am very happy in my private sector job. I truly believe we can make this city even better with someone on the Council who is in the business of finding new opportunities to bring people to this city. Having someone like that on Council will help us continue to grow as a city.

~ Joseph (Joe) Townsend, Conservative Republican for 4th District City Council

Publisher’s Note: In the interest of public education of local politics and to encourage voting, The Waynedale News offered all of the candidates in the upcoming primary election the opportunity to share their biography and goals for the office that they are running for. This came with the stipulations that they were not allowed to degrade other candidates or current policy. Staying true to our unbiased news and positive outlook, we do not endorse or recommend any of the candidates in the newspaper further than any other candidates running for office. But, keep in mind that these are the candidates who care enough to want to be seen by you! Our recommendation is to use our election edition as a reference when researching candidates for the upcoming primary election, make educated decisions on who you would like to see in office and most importantly VOTE on May 2 at your predesignated voting location. More information can be found on www.allencountyinvoters.gov

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Joseph (Joe) Townsend

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