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Waynedale Shamrock Search Announces Game Clues!

Are you ready to find that pot of gold in Waynedale yet? From gift cards to gift baskets, many prizes are up for grabs in the new community-wide “Waynedale Shamrock Search” game, announced in the previous edition of The Waynedale News. While there might not be an actual pot of gold for you to win, hundreds of dollars of prizes will be won by those who choose to take on the free-to-play and win challenge. This fun way to encourage exploration of the area was organized by local volunteers, The Waynedale Community Improvement Team and passionate business owners.

Simply put, to play this community-wide game, solve the riddles each day of the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day (March 13-17), and they will take you to area businesses. Each day, there are new clues to solve leading to a different set of businesses. Those who answer each riddle correctly by stopping into the corresponding business will receive a shamrock (one per person 16+). Then, any time before Friday, March 24, participants can redeem shamrocks at the Waynedale Library (2200 Lower Huntington Rd) to win an immediate small prize (free cookie or personal pizza while supplies last) and enter a raffle for a chance to win larger prizes donated by local businesses. The more shamrocks you collect, the more entries you will have to win the large prizes.

If you solve any of the following clues, stop into that business on that day to receive a shamrock! There are clues for up to 3 businesses per day. Some clues are challenging, but there are a lot of $$ in prizes to be won! Pictures of prizes & more will be posted to Facebook.

Monday, March 13
1. We keep you comfy all year, that’s our tradition.
2. We can be found with a green sign, hunting a ton on the lower corner of an old trail.
3. Get your motor running on Sandpoint.

Tuesday, March 14
1. This green mint flavored shake is a fan favorite and only available for a limited time! You’ll be Lovin’ It!
2. The long race to Bluffton convenience and great gas prices too!
3. Dedicated 2 service, 4 all veterans, all at 1 post.

Wednesday, March 15
1. Stacked wood, delicious meat, but don’t take our name too seriously!
2. Primary spot to get your cash.
3. There is a bright glow on the runway, follow the light for caffeine and sweets.

Thursday, March 16
1. Everything to DIY at DIB.
2. Healthy drinks for a healthier YOU!
3. Not a hair out of place for the big event.

Friday, March 17
1. A royal place to call home.
2. You don’t need to be in a car club to practice driving here.

Participation in this event is not limited to just Waynedale community members, all are invited come and play. And, although there is no cost to play and win, many of this game’s participating businesses will have specials and St. Patrick’s Day themed items available to try or purchase. Overall sponsors of this event include Hill’s Meat Market, Kington Residence, Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning, ProMedica Hospice, The Waynedale News, and Robinson Family Eyecare Clinic.

More information can be found on Facebook: fb.me/e/2HchfzwMn

Alex Cornwell

Alex Cornwell

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