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Four Peregrine Eggs Visible On I&M’s Popular Falcon Cam

The peregrine falcon nest atop Fort Wayne’s tallest building has new additions.

It’s an exciting time to watch Indiana Michigan Power’s (I&M) popular Falcon Cam. High above the city of Fort Wayne four peregrine falcon eggs are visible in the nest atop the Indiana Michigan Power Center.

The first egg was spotted on March 13 and the fourth egg was visible on March 19. You can view the nest, eggs, and proud parents at www.IndianaMichiganPower.com/FalconCam.

“The Falcon Cam is popular with avian fans, local students and people tuning in from all over the world,” said Kelly Rentschler, External Affairs manager in Fort Wayne. “We are excited to have eggs in the nest again this year and look forward to naming and banding the chicks in a few months.”

Since 1996, 67 falcon chicks have hatched in the nesting box atop Indiana Michigan Power Center, the tallest building in Fort Wayne. The building offers a cliff-like vantage point with few natural predators, as well as access to water and food. This makes the nest box one of the more productive sites in the Midwest for falcon restoration.

The parents’ identity will be confirmed by reading the ID bands on their legs. The parents are presumed to be Jamie (male) and Moxie (female). If so, Jamie and Moxie have laid at least 33 eggs since taking up residence at the downtown landmark in 2013.

Peregrine falcon eggs generally hatch about a month after all eggs are laid, and the young birds take their first flights at about six weeks of age.

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