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The History Of Waynedale Radio

The call letters were WDBV (550AM)-Clyde Quimby and the Strand Theater owned it.

WDBV was not only a radio station but also furnished the music that was piped directly through Mr. Quimby’s many theaters, one of which was the famous EMBOYD Theater (named for Clyde Quimby’s mother Emma Boyd-Quimby) now known as the EMBASSY) and another one was the CLYDE Theater. The purpose of the radio/music was to entertain people until the movies started.

WDBV was on the air from 12 noon until 8pm. The exact location of the station in Waynedale is unknown but later Clyde moved the station from Waynedale to South Calhoun Street after six months. Indiana Institute of Technology bought the station and changed the call letters to WITB. This station is no longer on the air.

WHBJ and WCWK signed on the air in 1924, after WDBV 550 AM had signed on in Waynedale. WHBJ 1370AM became WGL radio and WCWK became WOWO.
In 1936, WGL and WOWO were bought by the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company.

Herb Hayworth a.k.a. “Happy Herb,” worked mornings and signed on “both” radio stations WOWO & WGL from 1932 to 1936. Bob Sievers took over in August of 1936.

Westinghouse sold WGL to Helene R. Foellinger in 1938. Helene Foellinger also owned The Fort Wayne News~Sentinel.

WGL stayed on at 1250AM from 1937 to present.

WGL & WOWO both started in Fort Wayne at 2708 South Wayne Avenue under different call letters WCWK (WOWO) and WHBJ (WGL). WGL moved to South Lafayette Street. Then, Helene broke new ground and built a new WGL studio at 2000 Lower Huntington Road in Waynedale.

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