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122nd Fighter Wing Brings Home Top Air Show Award

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds announced the Fort Wayne Air Show as the “Military Show Site of the Year” for the 2022 show season. This marks an unprecedented two consecutive air shows the Fort Wayne Air Show has received the prestigious award, last receiving the award for the 2019 Fort Wayne Air Show.

The entire Thunderbird squadron of over 120 personnel voted on the award based on the best adherence to the support manual, organization, and above and beyond hospitality for not only the Thunderbird team, but all air show performers, volunteers and staff. This award highlights to the air show industry what sites are putting on the best show, which ultimately helps the Thunderbird team in their goal of recruiting, retaining, and inspiring the next generation of Airmen.

“It takes a tremendous amount of team effort and planning to host an event of this caliber,” said Lt. Col. “Mad Dawg” Frazier, Air Operations Director. “Our entire military and civilian air show team is one of the best in the industry and for the past two shows, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds acknowledged that.”

One of the key successes for the 2022 show was the downtown kickoff event held in conjunction with the Downtown Improvement District’s First Friday event on The Landing. 

“This award from the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds is really a testament to the Fort Wayne community, and everyone who helped put on the Air Show and kickoff event at The Landing,” said Lt. Col. Scott “Tug” Boatright, Fort Wayne Air Show Director. “The Thunderbirds enjoyed meeting and engaging with everyone in the local Fort Wayne community so much, it set the standard for their public appearance events going forward for the rest of the year. Thank you so much to everyone who made the Air Show and kickoff a huge success, and especially to our supportive Fort Wayne community.”

The Fort Wayne Air Show was also awarded first place for “Best Website Design – Large Air Show” by the International Council of Air Shows for the 2022 event. Website entries were judged on innovation, accessibility, ease of navigation, overall attractiveness and composition, copywriting, sponsor visibility and effectiveness as a marketing tool for the event.

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