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Collecting Used Shoes

Changing Footprints will have a table at this year’s Christ Child Festival, located in rooms A-C on 1st floor of the downtown Allen County Public Library. All are encouraged to bring in your used shoes on November 23 from 3-8p, and again from 10a-5p on November 25.

Cheryl Brockmann, leader of the local Changing Footprints shoe collection organization, reported that the group had collected 3392 pairs of shoes in October. These donations came from 26 different locations, including school and church shoe drives, shoe bins in the Allen County Libraries, local YMCAs, Indiana Physical Therapy offices, and several other sites. Changing Footprints distributed 6633 pairs of shoes to 13 different locations. They also sent many shoes to the Indianapolis office.

Changing Footprints is a 100% volunteer, non-profit, without any paid staff. No one is ever charged for shoes. There are 5 main distribution locations in Indiana: Rushville, North Indy, South Indy, Greenfield, and Fort Wayne. Over 500,000 pairs of shoes have been distributed statewide by the 5 locations in the past 17 years. Shoes are collected from a variety of sources: collection bins at shoe stores, athletic facilities, businesses, and churches; and shoe drives held at schools and churches.

Collecting and redistributing shoes saves them from ending up in landfills. Changing Footprints accepts all styles, types and sizes of shoes, no matter their condition. Damaged athletic shoes are converted into playground padding or running tracks through the Nike Grind program. Anyone interested in donating their used shoes can find a shoe donation bin here: www.changingfootprints.org/shoe-drops. There is a shoe bin in the Monroeville Library and the Hoagland Post Office.

If your organization or business would like to conduct a shoe drive for Changing Footprints, please call, text, or email Rick at 260-755-2162; email: intj25@hotmail.com.

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