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Bandido’s Building For Sale, But Not Closing Restaurant

One of Waynedale’s most popular restaurants is staying put, despite recent rumors that it was closing.

This is according to Bandidos CEO and President, Jimmie Schindler, who said his company is just going to lease the land and building, rather than owning it outright, assuring folks that his spot will be right here in Waynedale for the “foreseeable future.”

With restaurant business being on the downswing in recent months due to the slowing economy and the lingering effects of the COVID pandemic, many local eateries have either had to scale back their business significantly or shut their doors entirely.

The Wayndale Bandidos location was the first in the chain to open more than 40 years ago at 7510 Winchester Road, spawning a restaurant business that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, becoming one of Fort Wayne’s favorite Mexican-food dining spots, and now comprising four locations; three in Indiana and one in Ohio.

Bandidos has three locations in Fort Wayne: The one in Waynedale, another in Glenbrook Commons at 4122 Lima Road; and a third at 6536 E. State Blvd. A fourth restaurant operates in Lima, Ohio, at 2613 Elisa Road. The company’s corporate offices are located at 6060 E. State Blvd. in Fort Wayne.

The firm was founded in 1980 by Schindler’s father, Jimmie. The older Schindler, who was born in Geneva, Indiana, graduated from John Carroll University in 1956, and served as a tank commander in World War II. He passed away in early 2020 at age 86. He also owned a group of restaurants called Jimmie’s Pizza Inns.
Schindler said the current business model of the Waynedale location just doesn’t fit with their current corporate strategy, so they are going to lease it, rather than owning it outright.

But that doesn’t mean the end of the Waynedale location.

“We are looking to get out of the real estate business,” Schindler said. “All of our other Fort Wayne locations are leased. It is a better business model for us.
“But, we are planning on being in Waynedale for the foreseeable future.”

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