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Historic Waynedale Museum Set To Close Soon

The Historic Waynedale Pop-up Museum recently completed its first week with great success! Many community members stopped in to view the collection, talk about “the old days,” and revel in the preservation of the hundreds of items, some well over 100 years old. On average, most people stayed in the museum for over 45 minutes to read and see everything. And some asked if they could come back another day to go through it again!

Waynedale News staff members heard comments like “wow, this is the first Elmhurst School Newspaper ever printed!” While looking at the array of 50+ year old business cards “Hey, I remember that business” or “He went to my church.” During a viewing of the slideshow of Elmhurst Highschool theatrical shows and listening to the concert music from the 1970’s, “I had Don Goss as a teacher, I am so glad a piece of him is still here.”

Other than being fascinated by the significance and wide array of historical artifacts on display, the other common comment people made was, “Why aren’t there more people here? I expected there to be a line wrapped around the block to see this stuff. It’s incredible that you’ve preserved it and it’s all here!”

There has yet to be a significant line to wait in for more than 5 minutes to visit the museum, however, The Waynedale News staff anticipates a higher attendance in the days leading up to when the museum closes on October 7. These very unique and historically preserved items had not seen the light of day in over 50 years and quite possibly may not for another 50. So, don’t wait until the last minute to view these truly historic pictures, documents and maps from our community’s past.

The Waynedale News has been contacted by many school groups, breakfast/ dinner meet-up friend groups, and retirement homes to ask if they can come to see the collection, and all are welcome to come to the museum during its regular open hours. However, if your group is more than 10 people, a private showing can be arranged to ensure that your group gets in during a scheduled time and date. Please call The Waynedale News for details at 260-747-4535.

If you haven’t been by yet to see the museum and you’re interested in our community’s history, The Waynedale News welcomes you to see it before it closes for good in just two weeks. This is a truly unique experience, whether you’re connected to this area of town or not. It’s not every day you get to see hundred-year-old photos, ninety-year-old newspapers and hear music from 50 years ago. Or the original addressing machine The Waynedale Press printed with, old pictures from area businesses you visit and much more!

Even if you’re not into old stuff, this is truly an educational experience to come and see what the community you live or work in was like throughout the years. Come support the Waynedale Community to learn, revel and be amazed at the roots of where we started over 100 years ago up until today. This is a huge and unpresidented undertaking. You won’t see these items anywhere else. Some people are also surprised that there’s a collection of photos from the 80’s and 90’s of people they know from throughout the community.

The Museum is open Monday through Saturday 4-7pm at The Waynedale News office 2505 Lower Huntington Road. Admission is free, however donations to the community newspaper are appreciated. More info here: www.facebook.com/events/631599682018031

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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