Community Rallies To Help Neighbors In Need After Storm

When communities find themselves in despair from catastrophic events, organizations and residents come together to help one another get through. In Waynedale, we are proud to report that there were many events held over the following weeks in an effort to help those affected by the derecho storm on June 13th.

In addition to over a thousand I&M workers, hundreds of landscapers and building contractors, many neighbors stepped up to assist the thousands of people displaced in one way or another who were in need of help. With so many residents struggling to clean-up debris, replace spoiled food from not having power and trying to get to a place of stability in their lives again, a few notable events were recently held in the area included The Wellspring Food Bank, The Emergency Food Drive, and Samaritan’s Purse Volunteers.

Wellspring Interfaith Social Services, Inc. held a special event at their 1316 Broadway location on June 23rd in which they extended food bank hours while providing food, hygiene items, pet food and more. The event was open to anyone, however, it heavily targeted those adversely impacted by the derecho storm in Waynedale. In all, the event served 185 families, 625 individuals, distributed 1.5 tons of food, 150 lbs. of pet food, 180 hygiene bags.

Nikki Tabron-Booker, Wendy Geisman, and Taylor Raymond Crane with other volunteers organized an emergency food drive to help anyone affected by the June 13th storm. Donations were accepted at Acacias Journeys Wellness Center located at 1940 Bluffton Road. The food drive was held Tuesday, June 21st – Friday, June 24th with pick-up for people in need on Saturday, June 25th. The event was so successful that they ran out of food and will continue collecting donations until July 1st for another pick-up event on July 2nd from noon-6pm. More details can be found on Facebook.

Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Volunteers assisted homeowners affected by the recent derecho with debris removal, chainsaw work, and roof tarping. There were two teams of volunteers; day volunteers (comprised mostly of local residents) and overnight volunteers which primarily came from neighboring states. Meals and sleeping quarters were provided for the overnight volunteers. Residents were encouraged to call the hotline number to report a need for assistance in clean-up efforts. As of June 22nd there were 144 work orders placed, 83 volunteers and over 864 hours worked to help the community. If you need assistance, call 260-210-2289 or to help volunteer 260-222-3069.

Since June 13th’s derecho storm, the robust number of neighbors helping neighbors has really highlighted the strength of Waynedale and how it truely does “take a village” to build a great community!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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