Bridge Of Grace Launches New Program

Building Bridges covers majority of home repair and improvement costs for qualifying Mount Vernon Park and Pettit-Rudisill residents.

Bridge of Grace Ministries is launching a new program (Building Bridges) to assist eligible homeowners with repairs and improvements. Building Bridges will cover up to 95% of select home repairs and improvements for residents of the Mount Vernon Park and Pettit-Rudisill neighborhoods who meet income requirements.

The addition of Building Bridges to their ministry line-up gives Bridge of Grace space to partner with specific needs of the residents they serve in southeast Fort Wayne. Potential home repair and improvement projects include furnace replacement, landscaping, roof repair/replacement, and porch installation.

“Bridge of Grace is committed to housing renovation for southeast Fort Wayne, particularly for Mount Vernon Park and Pettit-Rudisill residents,” said Javier Mondragon, Bridge of Grace Founder and CEO. “Through Building Bridges, we can help enhance the quality of life for our neighbors.”

To participate, Mount Vernon Park & Pettit-Rudisill residents must meet requirements, including:

  • Owning their home
  • Having a clear title to the property
  • Having insurance on their home
  • Being current on real estate taxes
  • Being current on their mortgage loan payment (where applicable)
  • Have a household income that does not exceed specified limits (listed in application)

Recipients who participate in Building Bridges will all participate in an “Enhanced Engagement” volunteer opportunity meant to encourage stewardship and ownership in their neighborhood. Through this community service-oriented investment, residents will use their skills and talents to give back to their community and get to know one another.

“Building Bridges champions, the idea of “giving a hand up” and not a hand-out,” said Prentis Moore, Bridge of Grace Neighborhood Liaison. “This program will increase the beautification of the community internally and externally and connect neighbors like never before.”

Interested residents can apply online through the Bridge of Grace website: Deadline to apply is May 31, 2022.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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