International Acclaim Flows From Fort Wayne Taps

City Utilities’ water is tasty on the World stage. At The 32nd Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event, City Utilities made the top 5, finishing 4th in the municipal water category.

The rest of this year’s top five included municipal water utilities from California and Ohio, with this year’s winner being the Village of Montpelier in Ohio.

Overall, entries from 19 countries and five continents entered this year’s event in four different tasting categories: Municipal Water, Non-carbonated Water, Sparkling Water and Purified Drinking Water.

It is the second year in a row the City Utilities has placed in the top five, also finishing 4th in 2021.

Berkeley Springs judges use guidelines similar to a wine tasting. Adjudicators reward a clear appearance, the lack of aroma, a light feeling in the mouth, and most importantly, a great, clean taste that makes you want another glass.

Event organizers say the average person drinks approximately 182.5 gallons of water per year.

City Utilities treated 13.67 billion gallons of tap water for customers at the Three Rivers Filtration Plant in 2021.

City Utilities water is not only recognized for its good taste. The utility consistently wins the national Partnership for Safe Water awards presented by the American Water Works Association and the EPA. Last year City Utilities was awarded the group’s 20 Year Directors Award for optimizing our water treatment process and the Director’s Award for the quality of our water distribution system.

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