WUMC Welcomes New Pastor

The congregation of Waynedale United Methodist is proud to announce their new pastor.

Rev. William (Bill) Garver Stands next to the newly installed sign at WUMC that can be seen from Bluffton Road.

Rev. William (Bill) Garver grew up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He graduated from Northside High School in 1981. He worked for Maloley’s Grocery, Sears, and Parkview Hospital. He was an orthopedic tech for 16 years prior to entering ministry. Pastor Bill graduated from Saint Francis College in 1994 with a B.A. in Communication/Journalism.

Pastor Bill graduated from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio in 2000 with a Master of Divinity and is C.P.E. certified. This degree allowed him to work as a jail and hospital chaplain. Pastor Bill was part of the Deans Task Force for Senior High Institute and has been a member of COSROW (Committee on the Status and Role of Women).

Pastor Bill has been to Washington D.C. and trained with the Social Justice and Advocacy Council. He is a past member of Kiwanis and active in his community. His past churches include; student pastor at Good Shepherd UMC in Ft. Wayne, pastor at Pleasant Lake UMC, an Associate pastor at Wabash First UMC, pastor at Grace UMC in Bremen, pastor at Anderson Bethel, and since June 21st is presently the pastor at Waynedale UMC.

Pastor Bill is married to Cindy, an Ordained Deacon who specializes in Youth Ministries, community outreach, and organic gardening. Cindy has also substituted at local schools. She has led mission trips to MMDC, Appalachia, Alabama, and New York City. She has a plethora of experiences in science, music, and outreach. Cindy was the former Chair of the District Committee on Ministry and served on Boom. They have 3 adult children; Todd, Paige, and Kayla. Their current ‘child’ is Jasmine (Jazzy), a Cairn terrier mix they rescued who is diabetic. Pastor Bill enjoys reading, writing and music of all kinds…but his real passion is sharing the Good News of Jesus with others.

Pastor Bill and Cindy have led Church Cluster groups and Pastor Bill headed a pastor’s Covenant group. He has led the United Methodist Churches in a Community Outreach Day of work, prayer, and worship. He has worked on several Emmaus Walks and has served as The North Indiana Emmaus Community Spiritual Director at Epworth Forest. Most recently he has been co-Chaplin for the Cowan Fire Department with Cindy. He is also registrar for the District Committee on Ministry in the East District.

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