Computer Science Conference Held At Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne hosted the Consortium for Computing Sciences and Colleges (CCSC) 2021 Midwest Conference on Oct. 1 and 2. Approximately 200 educators in the field of computer science participated in the conference and shared best practices and curriculum ideas. Although all were welcome, the Midwest Conference participants consisted primarily of educators from Eastern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and Northern Kentucky. Topics included what students need to know about the computing industry, developing mobile courses and faculty advisor best practices.

“Ivy Tech is always improving how we teach computer science,” said Lucy La Hurreau, Assistant Department Chair of Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s Cyber Security / Information Assurance Program. “Conferences like CCSC are critical for the growth of our instructors and our students’ education and workforce potential. We were pleased to host CCSC this year and provide educators from across the Midwest an avenue to grow professionally.”

The Consortium for Computing Sciences and Colleges is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting quality computer-oriented curricula. They prioritize supporting professional development of computer science instructors, especially at smaller higher education institutions. The Midwest Conference is held annually, where participants are encouraged to share best practices and learn from panel discussions, presentations, and keynote speakers.

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