(l-r) Riley Glasper, Ashley Stoneburner, Stephanie Newell, Mary Newell, Kristen Shinn

Several clean ups have been held recently on the Bluffton Road Trails & Sidewalks and on the St. Mary’s Pathway between Airport Expressway and Tillman Park. These two areas were adopted by members of the Waynedale Trails and Sidewalks Initiative, committing to a minimum of three annual clean ups per site.

L-R: Neal Colvin, Joni Colvin, Karen West, Mary Stark, Tom West, Larry Brubaker, Bobbie Brubaker, Marty Loy

A huge shout out to the Winterset Neighborhood Association who frequently help out. Additional kudos to the following people who are not pictured: Kathy, Dale and Madeline Freiburger, Steve and Char Binkley, Sam Wilts and Camille Garrison.

If you are interested in helping with future clean ups, whether on the trails or other areas within the Waynedale community, please contact Camille at garrisoncamille704@gmail.com. Groups typically gather for a two hour period and all supplies are provided.

(l-r) Erin Floyd, Grant Acker, Bob Floyd, Jack Garrison
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