Nestled on 18 acres in Northern Indiana Lake Country, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, the only accredited multi-species animal sanctuary in the Midwest, worked closely with the U.S. Department of Justice, other accredited animal sanctuaries and law enforcement to successfully seize and rescue 69 big cats at the Tiger King Park owned by Jeff and Lauren Lowe. Home to these lions, tigers, lion-tiger hybrid, and a single jaguar, the Thackerville, Oklahoma facility was searched and the animals removed due to “ongoing Endangered Species Act violations.”

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, home to over 100 displaced, captive-raised exotic animals, is providing refuge and care for four of the 69 cats while the U.S Department of Justice pursues permanent forfeiture of the animals. Black Pine’s mission is to provide REFUGE for the REST of their lives. While in the care of Black Pine, each animal will receive veterinary care, diets designed for each animal’s health needs, enrichment activities and large natural habitats to live in. Executive Director, Trish Nichols states “Black Pine is thrilled that we are able to house and care for these majestic animals. What a tremendous undertaking this has been! Black Pine is honored to partner with federal agencies and other accredited sanctuaries to rescue and protect these amazing creatures.” Board President, Ted Storer adds “Black Pine is honored to assist with this significant animal rescue operation. Our priority remains the health and wellbeing of these animals”.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, located in Albion, Indiana, is operated by Professional Animal Retirement Center, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit, charitable organization. Staff guided tours are available by reservation Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the summer. Reservations can be made by visiting

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