The INPS statewide Florathon Challenge is a fundraiser, ID challenge, and fun opportunity to help document the blooming times of native wildflowers in your region. The Florathon Challenge runs from April 17 to May 31 this year. All the rules and the forms can be found at

Here’s how it works: ask your family, friends and local businesses to sponsor your quest, and they provide a donation to INPS as a lump sum, or an amount per wildflower species that you find. (You count the number of species, not individual plants.) Then go out and see how many you and/or your team can find!

The Northeast Indiana Chapter hasn’t had a winner yet, but we hope to change that! We are creating our own mini-challenge, open just to the Northeast Chapter, in hopes that you will join the fun this year.

After you sign up for the official contest through the link above, let us know while you are on your quest by tagging us on Facebook with a photo of a blooming wildflower, and location. Also, send us a copy of your final tally as a message on our Facebook page. We will have prizes! There will be one winner drawn at random for a cool prize. And, we’ll also have prizes for the person who finds the most blooming native wildflowers, who raises the most $ for INPS, and who has the largest family team.

Get your teams lined up, and let’s get out and botanize!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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