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Over Winter Break, students have an opportunity to learn about science that is used in the kitchen through Science Central’s Science2Go Winter Break STEM Camp, which features a take-home kit.

Kits contain materials for three days of activities. During those three days, camp participants will have the chance to meet virtually with Science Central educators and ask them questions about the activities.

Kits cover the dates Dec. 28 to 30. Campers will learn about the chemistry and math that goes into cooking and baking.

Daily topics are:
• Monday, Dec. 28 – Salt. Learn about the chemistry of the kitchen. What is the chemistry that we need to survive? Why is salt so important? Learn about why it can be both good and bad.
• Tuesday, Dec. 29 – Fat. Is fat bad? Does it get a bad rap? Learn about fat and why it is important in foods and what it does to foods.
• Wednesday, Dec. 30 – Ratios (math). Is baking a science? Do recipes matter? Learn why ratios are important in chemistry and what happens when ratios are incorrect.

The kit cost is $45. To purchase one, follow this link. Deluxe-level members of Science Central will receive a discount. Science Central will announce kit pick-up times. Alternatively, kits can be mailed to campers for a $20 fee.

Science Central, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, has provided a hands-on fun learning environment for more than 25 years. Through our 200+ exhibits, school tours, distance learning programs and weekend public events, we bring the excitement of science and technology to over 140,000 children and adults annually. Science Central is located at 1950 N. Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46805. For more information, contact Science Central at 260-424-2400 or visit www.sciencecentral.org.

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