Every year around this time we start to get several calls and questions about transplanting. Gardeners want to be reassured that it is a safe time to relocate/transplant their perennials. We are here to let you know that fall is a great time to move your perennials. Here are some tips for success:

Wait Until They are Done Blooming – If a perennial is a fall bloomer, wait until the spring to transplant it.

Wait Until the Weather is Cooler – This assures the plants do not need as much water and will not burn up in the heat. There is a silver lining, of course! Make sure your transplanting is complete three-four weeks before the ground freezes, so the roots do not get damaged by the freezing and thawing of winter weather.

Remove the Tops – While it may not look pretty, cutting back the perennial helps save energy for the roots to grow and reestablish themselves.

Try to Get Most of the Roots – Most perennials can be moved by simply digging a large shovel full of the plants’ surrounding soil and roots and placing it in the new location.

Water Thoroughly – The newly transplanted perennials may require a little extra water for a few weeks but be careful not to drown them. Check the soil around the plants every other day.

Apply Mulch – Adding three to four inches of mulch around the newly transplanted perennials will help hold moisture and keep the ground warmer. This can help promote root growth.

Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty this fall and move perennials in your flower beds. Moving a few plants can really change the whole look of your landscaping!

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