(l-r) Amber Bouthot, new Executive Director; Jennifer Norris-Hale of Mission: Motherhood. winner of the recent Fort Wayne Soup event

Fort Wayne SOUP hosted its 3rd virtual event of 2020 on Thursday, September 3. This was the organization’s fourth event of 2020 and 15th since its inception in 2017. To date, it has awarded over $20,000 to a variety of projects that have positively impacted our community.

Community members purchased $5 tickets for the September 3rd virtual event, which took place on the organization’s Facebook page. Presenters recorded their 4-minute pitches, which were posted to Facebook on August 28, giving people 6 full days to ask questions and vote. The pitch receiving the most votes won the money raised from ticket sales and matching sponsorship dollars, for a total of $900.

The four presenters for the September 3 event were:
Greg Hering- The Pack Gives Back
David Grant- Sari Bari
Diana Hart- Poplar Village Gardens
Jennifer Norris-Hale- Mission: Motherhood

The winner of the September 3rd event is Jennifer Norris-Hale for Mission Motherhood. Jennifer is the Founder/CEO of The Greater Good of Northeast Indiana. By founding The Greater Good of NEI, she works to advocate, promote and engage ways for the community to get involved with the thriving work of our nonprofits. In 2019, she took the TEDx Fort Wayne stage to share her isolating experience with Postpartum Depression and how the community needs to R.A.I.S.E our mothers with Reverence Awareness Inclusion Support & Education. As a result, the development of Mission: Motherhood was born. In partnership with the Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium, she is working to build a maternal mental health task force with other local organizations to address opportunity gaps and condense existing services as a resource map for mothers struggling with their mental health & substance use. For more information visit

After the winner was announced, the organization made two more announcements:
First, it will host a SOUPER Stars event on November 16 that will feature many of its past winners, pitted against each other in the ultimate pitch competition. The winner will receive half the proceeds from the event, plus matching sponsorship funds, and the title of THE SOUPER Star. More information will be available soon.

Second, the organization has named Amber Bouthot as executive director to lead the effort of obtaining 501(c)3 status, which will allow the organization to expand its programming and attract additional sponsors. This will remain a volunteer position for the time being.

Now, more than ever, our community needs more opportunities to build relationships that foster critical dialogue and inspire the heart. We believe SOUP is the perfect conduit to achieve those goals. As we continue to mature as an organization, it will take focused leadership to increase our impact. It is for these reasons the board has sought to name an Executive Director and begin working towards an independent 501(c)3.

“Amber Bouthot is perfect for the role of Executive Director,” said Andrew Gritzmaker, cofounder of Fort Wayne SOUP. “Over the last three years as an acting board member, Amber has steadily increased FW SOUP’s impact within our community. I am confident in her abilities, inspired by her passion, and eager to see where she takes our organization next.”

Founded in 2017, Fort Wayne SOUP hosts micro-grant dinners that foster community and raise funds for creative projects that enhance Fort Wayne living. The public is encouraged to attend Fort Wayne SOUP events, as well as submit proposals that they wish to present. Proposals should have an underlying mission of improving the community of Fort Wayne and may be submitted for the upcoming events online at

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