My name is Preston Steele, and I am working on my Eagle Scout project in which I would like to build a pavilion at the Law enforcement shooting range which is used by Wells County law enforcement as well as probation and community corrections.

The training range currently has a 10 x 10 building to house required training materials and, on occasion, to use as a shelter should law enforcement be training when inclement weather occurs. Due to the regulations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, law enforcement officials are unable to use this building as a shelter. In addition to this, there currently is no shelter to protect them from rain or sun during training hours. For these reasons, these respected individuals would benefit greatly from improved facilities in order to more easily train to protect our community.My hope is to build a 20 x 30 covered pavilion on a concrete base. In order to do this, I am raising money to make this possible. One way I am raising money is by selling t-shirts that allow individuals to show their pride in Wells County Law Enforcement. Below is the site to order these t-shirts. In addition, I am hoping to receive donations from businesses and individuals. If additional funds are raised, these funds will be used for the purchase of training aids for our law enforcement.

I thank you in advance for your willingness to help improve training conditions for those who help keep us safe.

Purchase Law Enforcement T-Shirts here www.steelecoprinting.com or visit gofundme.com/f/law-enforcement-facility

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Preston Steele

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