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We’ve missed you!

As you have likely noticed, our April 10th issue was cancelled because the many businesses that we depend on for our primary source of funding and advertising are now closed. So, over the past month, we’ve been working very hard to fundraise from readers and work with current and new advertisers to raise the budget needed to fund the high cost of offering the newspaper to all of our 35,000 readers for free.

And, it was successful! We are so thankful and delighted to present this edition of the newspaper, brought to you by sheer determination and the will of the public to keep us going during these uncertain times. As always, keeping to our positive outlook, many will find it refreshing to not find the horrors and controversies of the COVID-19 crisis in this issue, but rather helpful advice, things to do, humor, and other news written by local authors.

We have loved reading the many positive and encouraging comments on social media and letters sent in the mail. As an organizer and leader of many events, groups and initiatives in the area, every time the people of our community join with us to lend their hand and resources, we are reminded of the everlasting love and kindness of our neighbors. As we look toward the future, it is this that gives us faith that we as a community will pull through!

In addition to the importance of recording and broadcasting positive news throughout our community and beyond, our goal is to outlast this hardship by keeping the many key systems (ad sales, writing, editing, publishing, printing, delivery) in place, even if it’s less frequent, while providing everyone who depends on income from the newspaper, whether primary or supplemental, with a paycheck they can use to get through this as well. Since there are so many factors in play, simply stopping for a couple months isn’t an option, so this plan helps so we don’t have to rebuild everything when this crisis is over.

With that mission in mind, we will continue to print the newspaper as often as funding allows. And we would like to formally say thank you and encourage all of our readers to support the many advertisers who have stepped up to advertise in this edition and some even doubling their ad size to help. We’d also like to offer a huge thank you to all of our beloved readers and community members who donated in support of the cause. And last, but certainly not least, thanks to all of those wonderful and dedicated people who write, work with clients, edit, design, print and deliver our historic 87 year old Waynedale News. We are truly proud to be here and with your help can weather this storm!

If you would to offer help for our next edition, we accept donations online at www.gofundme.com/f/support-the-waynedale-news and via mail at 2505 Lwr. Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46809. But if you can’t give, and still want to help, it’s free to follow us on social media and create awareness about our situation by liking and sharing to your friends.

Alex Cornwell

Alex Cornwell

The Owner & Publisher of The Waynedale News. Alex is a community leader and founder of various organizations, events & improvement initiatives in the area. He is also the recipient of 2019's Allen County Vandeveer Impact Award and 2012's University of Saint Francis' Distinguished Young Alumni Award. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer