The Allen County Treasurer’s office has received reports of possible scams being perpetrated on the citizens of Allen County. A person claiming to represent the Treasurer’s office came to a taxpayer’s home and said they were there to collect delinquent taxes. The taxpayer, who did not owe taxes, refused to pay and the person left.

Another taxpayer received a survey at their door asking questions about their property. The survey indicated it was from the Treasurer’s office.

The Allen County Treasurer does not collect taxes by coming to your home and is not conducting a survey of any kind. Taxpayers who are approached by anyone claiming they are from the Treasurer’s office should refuse to pay or answer questions but instead should contact their local law enforcement office and report the scammer.

If you have questions about your tax bill or the legitimacy of a collection effort, contact the Treasurer’s office for verification. Phone at 260-449-7693 or email

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