“Providing this new community service is in keeping with PBS39’s public service mission,” said general manager Bruce Haines. “Over the past few months we have noticed that easy access to weather radar and conditions is clearly important to the viewers in our region. We believe adding a weather radar channel is a worthwhile endeavor, supporting the region that has shown us so much support over the years.”

The weather radar channel will be called PBS39WX and be broadcast over the air on PBS39.5.

In its first weeks, the channel will feature continuous near real-time (within 30-seconds) National Weather Service Doppler weather radar, weather warnings and NWS audio:

The channel’s second phase will add forecasts, live weather and climatic information, daily extremes such as highs, lows, peak wind gusts, and more:
Phase two is anticipated to be on the air by September 1.

It is hoped that cable providers such as Comcast and Frontier will add this public service channel to their lineup, though they are not obligated to do so. Over the air reception of 39.5 may require viewers to rescan TV sets to add the new channel.

PBS39 is a locally owned and operated 501(c)3 not for profit organization. It is the only PBS station directly serving northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio and parts of lower Michigan.

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