The Allen County Department of Environmental Management has announced their partnership with Food Rescue US, the Connecticut-based food rescue organization, to rescue and deliver meals to those in need and prevent food waste in Allen County.

One in seven Hoosiers faces food insecurity, including 300,000 children, according to a report from Feeding America. At the same time, around 40 percent of food produced is thrown away!

Luckily, there’s an App for that. Food Rescue US has created an app that allows users to play a critical role in donating, delivering, and distributing excess food. Wherever you are and however much time you have to give, it is a very easy process to become involved in and make a difference.

Since 2011, the organization’s proprietary technology has allowed them to rescue over 28 million meals, all of it directly transferred by over 3000 volunteer rescuers nationwide, for immediate use, to over 300 receiving agencies.

If you are a restaurant, grocery or other food provider, you can list surplus food that you want to donate. If you are a volunteer with a vehicle, you can check the app for a schedule of food rescues in your area and choose deliveries that work for you. If you are an agency in need of food, post your needs and find food to match them.

The Food Rescue US app is available for free to download on the iTunes App Store or on Google Play. To learn more, visit

“Throwing good food away should just not happen, especially when so many would appreciate receiving it;” said Jodi Leamon, with ACDEM. “With the holidays coming up, many people are hosting events which will produce excess food and I think people are also looking for ways to help the community and those in need. This is an opportunity to put the two together in a very simple way that can make a big difference.”

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