The Waynedale Business Chamber (WBC) will host it’s first “5 O’Clock Mingle” in early October. The networking event is designed to bring the business community of Waynedale together in an interactive social environment.

5 O’Clock Mingle will be held at Rich’s Auto Center (2135 Sand Point Rd) on Thursday, October 4 from 5pm to 6:30pm. The WBC invites all business owners, managers and commercial property owners from throughout the Waynedale area to attend the event. There will be appetizers and drinks served as well as an opportunity to tour the facilities of Rich’s Auto Center. Tickets do not need to be reserved in advance, however a $5 entrance fee will be collected to fund a portion of the event’s cost.

Cindy Elzey of Rich’s Auto Commented, “One of the inspirations for this event in Waynedale was my participation at other chambers’ networking events in the past. As an organizer of the Chamber’s 5 O’Clock Mingle, we offered the space at Rich’s Auto as an easy segue to host this first event and hopefully give a start to events like this happening at other locations in the future. The event gives us the opportunity to showcase our facility as well as to give back to the community.”

According to organizers, the intent of the event is to bring the business members together to network with each other and discuss future projects that could be completed by the WBC in the future. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about the completed and ongoing projects that the Chamber has initiated.

“It was evident that our members wanted more businesses represented in Waynedale. The idea for a “casual mixer” came out of one of our meetings. The main emphasis is to bring Waynedale business owners and managers together. There are a lot of fantastic business owners in Waynedale but they may not know each other.” Dave Umber, President of the Waynedale Business Chamber continued, “I think every business owner feels like great progress is being made for improvements in Waynedale. We want people to meet and discuss the next big things that should happen in the community. Plus, it is all going to happen at a unique location with some cold drinks and tasty treats.”

The Waynedale Business Chamber boasts free membership to any business leader who would like to belong. Differing than most traditional chambers and networking groups, the WBC operates more like a service group that offers its members the ability to network through working on community enhancing projects. The Chamber connects with area non-profits, government entities, companies and private individuals to fundraise for projects as it does not hold a bank account. More information about the Waynedale Business Chamber can be found on Waynedale.com/business

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