“Trophy Club” performs on the stage at the 2017 Waynedale Community Picnic.
The Waynedale Community Picnic invites all Waynedale residents to come for a day of fun sponsored by local businesses and organizations on August 25 from 10am to 3pm at the Waynedale Park. This year marks the 16th annual picnic. We would love for you to come help us celebrate this day of togetherness and community fun! The event is organized and put on completely by volunteers, and thanks to local sponsors all activities and food are free to community members. Since the picnic’s humble beginnings, it has grown in attendance to over 2,000 guests.

One might wonder, “how do they feed and entertain so many attendees for free?” It starts with the local businesses and organizations who have so generously given what they can to see this event happen. Some provide their services, supplies, prizes, but many give monetary donations. It is truly a great show of community spirit and support by these donors. The amazing part is that this event has zero dollars from public funding through a government entity or grant, it’s the over 100 area businesses and organizations that make it happen! The fundraising process begins the April before the event in August. If you’re counting, that’s 4 months of fundraising and working on building the event!

Which brings us to the next part of how this event takes place; the hard-working and community organizers. The picnic organizers this year are Megan Ryan and Maria Sutherland. These ladies keep extremely busy over the months leading up to the picnic. This year, Ryan has lead the event operations, advertising and reaching out to the donors of the picnic, while coordinating the logistics of the event itself. Sutherland has been working with over 50+ volunteers and will be facilitating them on the day of the event to make sure every guest is having a great time.

Four years ago, Ryan agreed to step in and organize the Waynedale Community Picnic in order to preserve and continue this time-honored tradition. To say the least, she took it and ran with it. The organizers say that there are many great features guests can look forward to this year. Guests can count on many of their favorites, BINGO, kids games with prizes, 30+ local vendors (some of which may be giving out prizes), visits with emergency vehicles, FREE lunch, a Science Exploration Tent, and this year, live music from the local Adam Strack Band!

The Waynedale Community Picnic is truly a reflection of our community. We have businesses, organizations and volunteers who are passionate about caring for Waynedale residents by supporting and helping to create a day that everyone can come to Waynedale Park and enjoy a day of togetherness. The picnic would like to thank their Overall Sponsors this year: The Allen County Sheriff’s Department (Sheriff David Gladieux), Circle City Audio, Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 248, Hanson Aggregates, Robinson Family Eyecare Clinic, The Waynedale News, The Waynewood Inn, and Yes! Automotive.

So, if you are new to Waynedale or have attended every picnic since its existence, mark your calendars! The 16th Annual Waynedale Community Picnic will be held at the Waynedale Park on August 25 from 10:00am-3:00pm.

If you would like more information regarding the Waynedale Community Picnic or are interested in helping to VOLUNTEER the day of the event, please contact Megan Ryan at (260) 609-2897 or or you can visit the following link:

The Waynedale News Staff

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