(l-r) Richard Dykeman, Rhonda Dykeman, Beth Lanning and Jeff Hey.

The big red barn known as Hair Barn Classics is a warm and familiar sight on Bluffton Road, but it wasn’t always themed as such. The original Barbershop that sat there was purchased by Bob Hey in 1960 and named Bob’s Barber Shop. In 1972, he rebuilt in the same location, enlarged and constructed it to resemble a barn, renaming it Bob’s Hair Barn.

For 58 years the business has been family owned. In 1985 Bob Hey passed away. Several years later, the three Hey children, Jeff, Beth and Rhonda, purchased the Hair Barn from their mother Donna Hey and serve as equal owners and partners in the business. Jeff Hey states, “Many clients have grown up with the shop where they got their first haircut. They now bring their own children to receive the same great service that they experienced at an early age.”

Hair Barn Classics is full service, providing all aspects of family hair care including Barber and Beauty amenities from experienced and knowledgeable barbers and hairstylists. They take great pride in their reputation and family-friendly atmosphere.

All three siblings live in the Waynedale area. Jeff Hey has lived off Winchester Road for 28 years; Beth has resided in Avalon Addition for 35 years; and Rhonda settled down in Lakewood Park 27 years ago. All three attended Maplewood Elementary, Miami Middle School and Wayne High School. Rhonda and Jeff completed their training at Indiana Barber College while Beth attended Masters of Cosmetology.

Rhonda states, “After Dad died, we had our ups and downs together but we worked through them and we are all very happy together. We see each other often outside the workplace such as family dinners.” As closely as they work and play together, they each still have their individual interests and activities as well.

Rhonda Dykeman is the eldest of the three siblings. She wed Richard in 1986 and they have a 31-year-old son named Ben. Rhonda enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and cross-country skiing. Fox Island is a local favorite but when there is no snow, she and Beth head to Michigan. Andy is the family Papillon dog.

Jeff Hey is the middle child. He has been married to Melissa for 29 years and they have a 23-year-old daughter Elle. When he isn’t working, Jeff enjoys pheasant hunting, bird dog training, shotgun shooting sports and kayaking. He has been a member of the Southwest Conservation Club for 28 years and attends St. Therese Catholic Church. Five dogs round out the family.

The younger child of the three, Beth is married to Joe Lanning. When asked how long they’ve been wed, they both laughingly replied, “too many,” but it is actually 27 years. They have a son Max who is 22. Beth also appreciates being outside, playing golf and cross-country skiing. Additionally she enjoys painting watercolors, typically of flowers and birds, indicative of her love of the outdoors. A hobby she picked up in high school, Beth gifts her paintings to her mother and sister. Beth says that “working together as a family has brought lots of humor and laughter into their lives.”

As a company, Hair Barn Classics supports many local Waynedale causes including the annual picnic and Kingston’s Taste of Waynedale. Two other employees also work at Hair Barn Classics; Hairstylist Kim Caroline and Hairstylist/Nail Technician Cindy Krauter. With their customers living in the area, all the staff feel a real connection to the community.

All three siblings are extremely proud of each of their children. All three have completed their college educations that lead in varying directions. That could leave the future of Hair Barn Classics up in the air. One never knows, when Rhonda, Jeff and Beth eventually retire, perhaps a different family will lovingly take over the big red barn and start a new legacy.

Camille Garrison

Camille Garrison

Camille is a community leader, event organizer, trails supporter and more! After working near Waynedale for just over a year, she knew she wanted to call it home. She loves the friendliness and closeness of the community and have grown to be very passionate about seeing Waynedale prosper. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer